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musicfrom_oth's Journal

Music from One Tree Hill
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Welcome to musicfrom_oth. This is a place to ask questions about music from
episodes of the hit TV show, One Tree Hill. Please follow all rules and respect the
maintainers/mods. This is just a temporary layout.
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1) Please DO NOT post icons, quotes, episodes reviews, etc. here. oth_icons
, one_tree_hill & oth_quotes are for that.
2) If you ask what song is playing in a certain episode, please state what scene
and if you know some lyrics to it.
3) If you're posting songs from episodes please post the episode and scene.
4) If you have more than 5 song/titles please use a LJ cut.
5) All post must be friends only.
6) NO SPAMMING or promoting.
7) Have fun.
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Maintainer/Mod: y4nk3e
Email: yankeegurl93@yahoo.com
AIM: Softballova143
Yahoo: yankeegurl93@yahoo.com